Resep Es Buah dan Brownis

Resep Es Buah dan Brownis As they say, where there’s a will there’s away. And there may be new ways you can continue to enjoy the fun of gardening within the constraints of your senior lifestyle. One way might be to look into getting some window boxes for your apartment. These long planting boxes are often used by people who want a small indoor flower garden or to nurture house planets. But you could get a few of these kind of growing es buah spaces, solicit some help from the facility maintenance people or your kids to get them installed and filled with good earth and enjoy puttering in those small gardening space and see the little plants you picked sprout and grow. With the extra time you have due to retirement, you are sure to do an outstanding job of caring for that little garden.

You can also help your kids learn to garden. By adopting the “sweet but helpful Grandma” attitude, you may find that your children and their spouses wish they knew your gardening secrets and with a bit of partnering, you could use their muscle and flexibility to set up a nice big garden at their house. Then you can just come over from time to time to tend it as much as you can and “supervise.”

Be sure you are there ready to go when its harvest day and everyone in the family can enjoy the fresh produce and herbs you grew in that garden. And you will get a sense of renewal that you found a new way to garden that lets you keep a treasured pastime and do so within the constraints that retired life brings.

Getting Some Help One of the adjustments that is part of life once you end your working years is adjusting to living on a different kind of income. We get used t that regular paycheck over the life of our careers in the working world. And while we may be very happy to leave the stresses of the workaday life, that paycheck is one part of that world that we may miss when they finally stop.

Of course, many senior citizens have some resources going into their senior years such as savings, investments, a retirement program and, of course, Social Security. But the thing that’s hard to get used is that you are now drawing funds from a limited pool. Whether the amount of your retirement resources is big or small, outside of the income from interest and dividends, you are no longer replenishing those funds.

It seems strange to say it but we have to think about how long we can live on those funds. While we would all like to live to 90 or older, from a practical point of view, we don’t want to “outlive brownies kukus our savings” and then become a burden to our children to support as they are working hard to raise and support their young families.